Consumer Guarantee Act

Consumer Guarantees Act


Your Rights

Faulty goods returns
In the unlikely event that a product you have purchased from Office Connect is or becomes faulty, we are committed to meeting our obligations under the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (CGA).
Consumer Guarantees Act 1993
The New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, is legislation that outlines the guarantees and rights of both the seller and consumer for products and services sold.
  • Under the CGA, products sold by us must be safe, of acceptable quality, fit for the purpose they have been purchased for, match the description given, match the sample or demonstration model and be of acceptable condition when received by you;
  • The CGA guarantees are in addition to any other warranty offer(s) provided by the manufacturer, or insurance provider (if applicable); and
  • The CGA does not apply where the product has been misused, broken or improperly operated.
Minor Fault
If a product sold by Office Connect does not meet one of the guarantees detailed above and can be repaired within a reasonable period of time, we will either repair or replace the product with an identical product type. If we cannot repair the product or replacement is not a viable option, or the repair cannot be carried out within a reasonable period of time, Office Connect will refund you the original purchase price.
Major Fault
If a product cannot be repaired, due to the nature of the fault (safety risk) or the failure is of substantial character (i.e. multiple product failures), you may choose either a replacement of an identical product type or a refund of the original product purchase price.
What we will do
When the product is initially returned, we may try to fix (troubleshoot) the problem (if applicable), in consultation with the supplier, before sending it to an authorised repair agent for assessment.
  • If your returned product is still within the manufacturer's warranty period, and after assessment is found to have a manufacturing fault, the repair and all associated costs will be free of charge;
  • If the product is outside of the manufacturer's warranty period, but the fault is found to be a manufacturing fault this will be remedied in accordance with the CGA; or
  • If the product is outside of the manufacturer's warranty period, and the fault found on assessment is not a manufacturing fault, the cost of assessment and repair will be payable by the customer.
Consumer Rights
For further information and guidance, please refer to The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, Consumer Protection website:
Privacy Disclosure
In order to seek a remedy under the Consumer Guarantees Act Office Connect may need to collect and share your personal information for the purpose of conducting a repair with a third party repair provider or supplier. Personal information may include:
  • Your contact information, such as name, telephone number, e-mail and residential address; and
  • Device security password(s).
In some instances, we may require you to authorise Office Connect to access your device’s security passwords, and share these with a supplier or (authorised) repairer in order to facilitate a repair on your device. In this instance, we are acting on your behalf and you are duly authorising us to hold this information on your behalf. We recognise that your personal information is confidential and we’re committed to protecting your privacy in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993. See our Privacy Policy.
Commercial or Business
The CGA may not apply to goods and services purchased from Office Connect for commercial, resale or trade use.
When Returning Goods
If you think that you have a valid reason to return under the guarantees described please refer to our information about returns.
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